What is Adfox?

Adfox is a Facebook ad intelligence tool wherein the users are assisted in finding the best performing ads for a specific niche on Facebook. This intelligence tool provides practical insights and suggestions that help the user in reducing the CPC or the cost per click of the ad. This tool also aids in improving the CTR or click through rate up to 60 percent. Adfox group buy tool specializes only in Facebook ads which makes it different from other ad intelligence tools. Adfox has been providing the best quality service. Aside from providing you information about the competitor’s marketing strategy, the Adfox tool helps to find new profitable campaign, landing pages, sales funnel, and as creative used. The Adfox platform is easy to use because of its user-friendly interface.

The Adfox platform has a wide-range database of Facebook ads and is regularly updating. This platform covers nine countries in their ad search currently. These countries include Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand. The Adfox tool also provides data for sidebar ads. This tool also has an ad alert system feature that is based on the keywords provided. The tool will notify you when it sees your desired ad. The users can save a lot of time by using this feature because the tool will be the one responsible for finding the ads and content that are associated or linked with the keyword the user provided. The users are also provided with a monitor system feature which is designed to monitor specific ads. This specific feature notifies you when it detects your competitor’s ads. It also has saved ads system feature and ad search filter feature which aids the users in using the platform and helps the user formulate strategies for best results.

Adfox Shared ACcount To Buy

Adfox tool can help the user save more than 50 percent of the ad costs by providing the user the marketing strategy of the competitors and reveal their ads and target audience. Purchasing the services of Adfox will cost the user 99 US dollars per month. Adfox tool offers 22 US dollar discount to their users. Therefore, they can use the Adfox services at 77 US dollars only. The cost of their services can be lessened by engaging through seo group buys or shared accounts. Group buy provides the same quality of service but a lower price. The Adfox interface displays a dashboard, a search filter, and an ad result.