Many small to medium business owners, can’t afford expensive SEO tools, which are equally needed in their business. For such small to medium online marketers, we have a better option that is to buy from SEO group buy tools providers.

These providers are eager to sell a bunch of SEO tools at nominal prices. Every SEO group buy tool provider is competing with each other.

And in this competition, many service providers forget to maintain and monitor their tools.

Luckily we have PROSEOGROUPBUY, which monitor and updates their tool frequently so that user may have a new experience every time they use tools.

Other SEO group buy tool providers such as FROZENFRY.COM tries to replicate PROSEOGROUPBUY but unfortunately, they failed to maintain their quality.

FROZEN FRY is an average group buy SEO tool provider which has got few unavoidable cons that are rarely noticed.

Therefore we decided to pinpoint all those cons of FROZENFRY.COM, so that you can easily decide between PROSEOGROUPBUY and FROZENFRY.COM


FROZENFRY.COM is a service where you can buy mainstream tools to check the quality of your content. Also, it has tools to spy on your competitor. In short, FROZENFRY.COM has got many different tools for different purposes, which you can use in your online business.

But it has a few pitfalls, which you must know before planning to buy from this service.

First and foremost thing, its login page is not encrypted, because of which it is less secure to use. So your personal information and your business data will be at high risk while you use FROZENFRY.COM

Furthermore, FROZENFRY.COM  has got limited uptime since it’s an outside US host site that is hosted by small companies, which means if their page has got more traffic or more load, it will not be able to work properly. This is just a big headache, especially when you are in hurry and need to access some particular to get your work done quickly. But unfortunately, you can’t. And sadly, your goodwill will be affected.

I know you don’t want to lose your precious information and your precious clients. That’s why we have found out the best solution to your problem that is PROSEOGROUPBUY.COM

Where you can log in without any fear of losing your personal information.


Well, the answer would be quite lengthy.

But first let me tell you in detail, what actually is PROSEOGROUPBUY.

There are many expensive and high-end tools in the market that no one can afford easily. PROSEOGROUPBUY serves as a middleman. They purchase all those expensive tools and give access to their users to use all that tools in form of a package at an affordable price.

The best part about PROSEOGROUPBUY is their packages are quite nominal and affordable. Trust me, they are pocket-friendly.

PROSEOGROUPBUY offers the highest uptime that is 99.95% and they stick to their statement, you won’t find any time of day where any tool is unavailable.

And you know what; you can get access to 50 plus tools by logging into their website.

As far as the login is concerned, PROSEOGROUPBUY is quite easy to log in. You don’t need to install chrome or Firefox; you can easily use this website from any web browser.

When it comes to security, PROSEOGROUPBUY keeps all your information safe and secure. The most interesting fact about it, you can log in from one device at a time. This keeps your account safe. If you ever try to access the panel from another device without being logged out from the previous device, PROSEOGROUPBUY will terminate your account. This is the best thing that I love about it.

PROSEOGROUPBUY has got excellent and great reviews, above all these reviews, are genuine and non-paid.

In a nutshell, PROSEOGROUPBUY is a reliable SEO tool provider that provides tools at an affordable price with the highest uptime.