Using group buy SEO tools service is quite advantageous. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for using a single SEO tool. You can access thousands of different tools by paying a nominal amount.

Buying SEO tools in form of a group is a new trend that users like a lot. But unfortunately, this market has been saturated with many providers out of which the majority are unreliable and provides pathetic services.

One such provider is GROUPBUYSEOTOOLS.ORG, which besides being an unreliable site has many other cons as well.

In such a scenario finding a trustworthy SEO tool, provider service becomes a tough task, but we have made this task easier for you.

PROSEOGROUPBUY is the right choice for you, if you don’t want to be a part of any SEO group buy fraud case.

But why GROUPBUYSEOTOOLS.ORG is not a good choice for you?

Let’s find its answer.


It’s an SEO tool providing agency, that provides useful SEO tools in form of packages and at cheap rates. There are many different types of tools available on the website, but as the ill-luck would have it, only a few tools will be available at the time when you need them.

Upon deeply analyzing we came to know that it offers limited searches. So when you are searching backlinks or keywords from the tools of GROUPBUYSEOTOOLS.ORG, the limit will definitely an issue over there.

SEOs requires unlimited searches in order to search for multiple backlinks and keywords.

This is the biggest limitation of GROUPBUYSEOTOOLS.ORG

Secondly, GROUPBUYSEOTOOLS.ORG gives no response to tickets or emails. In fact, their customer support service is literally pathetic. You can’t get an instant reply to any query. Either they will respond to you after a few days or they will forget you at all.

Ethically, if you are selling something, you should remember your customer and entertain them instantly whenever they need you but GROUPBUYSEOTOOLS is just the opposite to it.

In contrast to this, PROSEOGROUPBUY has got outstanding customer support system and it instantly responds to your tickets and emails. It has all solutions to your problems.

What else does PROSEOGROUPBUY have, let’s take a look!


PROSEOGROUPBUY is an agency that purchases all the essential and useful SEO tools and merges them in form of a package. These packages are then sold at a comparatively lower cost so that SEOer can get access to all these mainstream SEO tools easily.

PROSEOGROUPBUY has got a huge list of useful tools that can be used by entrepreneurs, bloggers, and freelancers to boost their work.

The best part about PROSEOGROUPBUY is, it has got an unlimited search option. So no matter how many backlinks or keywords you search, the limit will never end. That’s the reason it is most preferred by SEO experts.

Apart from this, it has a dedicated and trained customer support team that is available throughout the years. This means PROSEOGROUPBUY will quickly respond to you on your tickets and queries.

As far as the uptime is concerned, PROSEOGROUPBUY  has got the highest uptime that is 99.9%. No matter what time of year it is, all tools will be available and remain functional at PROSEOGROUPBUY.

There is no harm in saying that PROSEOGROUPBUY is the smart choice of wise people, who wants to invest their hard-earned money in the right and genuine place.