is an average service that provides mainstream tools at an affordable price. It’s a great platform to help entrepreneurs and bloggers. Since individual tools are quite expensive, small business owners can’t afford them.

Is a trustworthy service? The answer is no!

Groupseotool is not a trustworthy site. Usually, users have to subscribe to a plan by sharing account information. does not keep your information safe and secure.

This is not the only con, there are many pitfalls about groupseotool let’s have a look at them!


First and the foremost thing that we have observes about is, their website is quite vague. By looking at the website you become reluctant about their services, also, you will not find complete information about GROUPSEOTOOL.COM on their website.

The entire theme of the website seems very fishy and suspicious.

When it comes to the tools they are providing, we are still reluctant about how many tools they are providing. Since they haven’t mentioned it anywhere on their website. In short, they are giving incomplete information about them

Personally speaking, I wouldn’t like to spend on such a platform, about which I have the least information.

The same goes with uptime.

What uptime they are selling, they give unclear information about it.

Also, no testimonials. It seems as if the website is not being updated or monitored.

So for me,GROUPSEOTOOL.COM is a big no.

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