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Stop wasting your time on keywords that are out of your ability to influence. This is especially true of small to medium businesses who have to compete against huge multinational conglomerates.

Keyword research is the most important tool to kick start your SEO campaigns in 2020 and beyond. 

In order to establish your niche in the shark-infested waters of business and trade, you should play things smart against the huge budgets of these giants in your industry through competing for keywords that they’re not competing for. It helps you establish your niche and gather leads, traffic, and visitors to your site at a fraction of your competition’s SEO budget with Keyword Revealer.

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  • Keyword Research: What makes Keyword Revealer different from all the other keyword tools out there? Especially when it comes to freemium packages and powerful services like Google Keyword Planner? What Keyword Revealer brings to the table is SEO savvy and thinking out of the box when it comes to finding keywords that don’t automatically come into the minds of competitors and consumers then you can rely on best seo tools group buy service provided by us. This naturally leads to another avenue of exposure.
  • Hundreds of Long-Tail Keyword Ideas: Thanks to Keyword Revealer, you’ll be able to get hundreds of long-tail keyword ideas and topics right into your fingertips in mere seconds. This way, you’ll be able to branch out and establish relevance in the eyes of the Google Panda algorithm through non-worn-out or too-common keywords. You’ll also get to discover keywords that are low competition and high volume.
  • Let Your Competition Compete for Scraps: For example, it’s simply unrealistic to compete for pet food in general on Google, especially with the search engine providing different search results for different regions. Instead, the smarter thing to do is to get multiple key terms and topics—fresh ground—that you can establish SEO dominance on, leading to a goldmine of keyword opportunities.
  • Check Domain Availability for Terms: Not only can you research terms and their countless synonyms and connections. You can also check domain availability for each term as well so that you can buy domains for them that further establish exposure to your site and brand. Every keyword is evaluated in terms of metrics and ranking difficulty. They’re also ranked from most popular to least popular.

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