What is Linklicious?

Linklicious is one of the best tools to be used in boosting the rank of your website. Linklicious offers crawling and indexing services that will allow your website to promote its status against competitors. This tool guarantees recognition by the search engines. By using the product, the search engine will be forced to recognize your backlinks thus boosting your website.  This indexing tool is easy to use and does not require users to know how to operate the software.

Linklicious Shared Account

Linklicious group buy offers many indexing strategies for the internet community. Linklicious will be responsible for making your website recognizable by search engines used by many audiences. You need to send your links to the Linklicious group buy and Linklicious will do its job for your website’s ranking to increase and boost among your competitors.

Linklicious has three different packages categorized as the free trial package, basic package, and Pro-version package. For the free trial plan, linklicious will help you track all the spiders in the link given and will deliver real-time results. In this plan, the user gets a defined publishing schedule to know when to drop the links. For the basic package, Linklicious will charge the user 14.50 US dollars per month. In this plan, Linklicious will help users pin each RSS feed link individually. This allows the spiders less time to find the given links. For the Pro-version package, Linklicious will charge the user 54.50 US dollars per month. but with this SEO tool group buy service you can get access to linklicious and other 25+ SEO tools.

One can purchase the Linklicious services at 35 US dollars per month. However, this plan can also be used in Windows PRO and MAC PRO operating systems. There are many group buy packages that Linklicious offers. Linklicious Group buy are designed for SEO backlinks indexing. Linklicious Group Buy provides users the guaranteed rate of Crawl and will be the one responsible for pinging google constantly. This hack will add your URL’s to the crawling database of Google. After adding your URL to the database, there will be a rapid boost of SERPs for your website to be seen. Purchasing the Linklicious tool can be very expensive for others that is why they engage to group buy. For them, it is advised to buy a Linklicious shared account to lessen the cost of the service.