What is Picovico?

Picovico is a platform wherein users can create high-quality videos easily. This tool allows users to create slideshow videos from the photos in just minutes. The Picovico tool provides music library that can be used in the video. The users only need to provide the images to be used in the slideshow video. Users can create their videos for personal use or professional and business. Picovico allows users to combine pictures, text, and music easily.

This tool has available templates in which the users can choose from. Creating a video from photos is very easy when using the Picovico tool. The users will first select which template to use. Then, users will add pictures either from their computer or social media accounts. They can also add text to add touches in the video.

Users can also use the music from the collection of the Picovico, or they can provide the music themselves. After incorporating the music in the collected photos, the user can add a title to finish the video. The Picovico platform allows users to upload the created video on social media sites such as Facebook or Youtube.

Picovico Shared Account Access with Direct Login –  Group Buy Option

There is a free plan available when purchasing services of Picovico. However, the services covered are limited. The users are entitled to use a maximum of 30 photos which accounts for a three-minute video.

Picovico services can be purchased as Web Pro or Web Premium. Picovico Web Pro services cost 28 US dollars a month or 200 US dollars a year. Picovico Web Premium, on the other hand, are purchased at 12 US dollars per month or 72 US dollars per year. The Developer API is bought at 150 US dollar per month (2 US dollar per video) or 1000 US dollars per year (1.5 US dollars per video). In the average, purchasing of Developer API will cost about 0.99 US dollars per video created.

Get seo intelligence agency group buy The premium account users can access elite video styles and high resolution. The standard account lets the user create five videos per day while premium account allows creating 15 videos per day.

The latest version of Picovico group buy named as Picovico Pro Yearly can be used in any operating system. Regular purchasing of the services of Picovico will cost the user 200 US dollars a year. However, with the use of group buy feature, the users can purchase the Picovico services with only 20 US dollars per 10 people with an additional fee of 2 US dollars.