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You will find 100 plus tools on their website but sadly; they have a focus on quantity, not quality.

Users would appreciate it if they offer minimum tools but with excellent service.

By keeping such a high number of tools, it becomes quite difficult for them to control the traffic at their server and that’s why they have poor uptime.

Since uptime is of immense importance in SEO group buy tool service, that’s why SEOGROUPBUY.IO fails to achieve the satisfaction level of its users.

Cherry on the top is its vague mode of payment, which users find it hard to understand. According to reviews of some customers, they won’t find it a reliable website for buying group buy tools.

Above all, you won’t find anyone on their site, to respond to your queries, tickets, or emails. They have such lazy and pathetic customer support. Though they claim to be supportive for 24 hours, but in actual you won’t find genuine help from their customer support except for a robotic conversation.

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