If you are a newbie in the world of SEO and want to excel in your field, but don’t know how? Then this post is just for you.

Newbie spend lots of money on buying expensive and unnecessary tools which they rarely used. That’s how they earn less and spend more on tools. Ultimately they become an SEO failure instead of an SEO expert.

But if you work smartly and wisely you can soon become an SEO expert. One way to work smartly is instead of buying individual SEO tools, it is much better to buy from SEO group buy tools provider service.

These providers charge a minimal amount and in return, they offer you access of a bunch of SEO tools, that you can use in your business and excel in it.

One such provider is PROSEOGROUPBUY that provides 50 plus SEO tools so that you can work on your projects more effectively.

Besides this, SEOGROUPBUYKIT.COM is another player that offers the same service, but unluckily, it has got a few cons along with genuine complaints.

So today we are reviewing these two SEO group buy tools, providers. Though there is a difference like chalk and cheese in between them, but we want to show you a clear picture of SEOGROUPBUYKIT.COM. Let’s begin!


SEOGROUPBUYKIT.COM is a middleman who purchases all essential tools and gives access to its users in by taking a subscription fee.

There are very limited numbers of tools available on SEOGROUPBUYKIT.com, they claim to provide 30 tools, out of which only a few are useful for entrepreneurs and freelancers. Rests are useless.

Besides this, they offer a limited number of searches per day. So if you are searching backlinks and competitive keywords, after a few searches you will have to stop your work and start your search some other day. As tools are bound with certain limits.

Not only this, the worst part of operating their tool is, SEOGROUPBUYKIT.com is not supported by every browser. You need to have Firefox in your system to get access to your desired tools via SEOGROUPBUYKIT.COM. I think that’s the biggest hassle. Because Firefox is the least used browser which is not readily available everywhere.

Just because of all these cons, I haven’t seen any good feedback about SEOGROUPBUYKIT.COM. There were complains and only complaints about SEOGROUPBUYKIT.COM.

You don’t have to worry about it, we have the best solution for you that is  PROSEOGROUPBUY.COM


The reason is quite simple. PROSEOGROUPBUY treats its customer as “king”. Meaning, they will give the best possible service and packages to their clients that no one gives.

One example is, they offer 50 plus high-end tools that you can’t afford to buy. So by using these tools in your projects you can take your business to the height of zenith, for sure.

In addition to this, the highest uptime of 99.95% makes tools available all around the year. Now you don’t have to face the lame excuses of your clients, you can do your work by yourself by accessing to all high ends tools via PROSEOGROUPBUY.COM

And the best part is, you are free to search for keywords and backlinks without any limitations. Yes, their searches are limitless. Isn’t it amazing!

PROSEOGROUPBUY is compatible with all types of browsers. No matter you have chrome, explorer, or Firefox, it will run perfectly on all types of browsers.

Not only browsers, but it is also supported by all types of operating systems such as Windows, Linux or MAC.

If you want to be treated like KING, then buy SEO GROUP BUY tools from PROSEOGROUPBUY.