SMhack Group Buy

What is SMhack?

SMhack is a tool used in social media management. This platform is simple and has a user-friendly interface. This social media maangement group buy tool can be used in identifying and monitoring keywords and hashtags used on social media sites. SMhack provides comprehensive reports about competitive strategy and growth. SMhack covers social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

This tool is often used by users that have small businesses or users engaged in digital marketing agencies. This platform offers services such as cross-channel posting, task management, engagement monitoring, and performance analysis.

SMhack tool allows users to manage multiple social streams in a single view using the ‘Social Inbox’ feature. With this feature, the users can manage multiple Facebook profiles, fan pages and Twitter handles.

The SMhack platform lets users compose posts, attach images, shorten URLs across multiple accounts all at the same time. This tool allows users to schedule the posting of their contents. The engagement of audiences such as comments and replies are presented as conversation threads instead of individual notifications.

These engagements are also posted from the dashboard of the platform. SMhack has a new feature referred to as slack integration that lets the social media conversation delivered to a slack channel.

SMhack Shared Account Access For Cheap

SMhack has four package plans available for purchasing. These plans offer a free trial for users to know which plan is the best and most suitable for them. Four package plans are free, basic, business and agency. In the free plan, the users are only entitled to use the publish and schedule feature. This can be used up to 3 profiles.

Basic plan, on the other hand, costs the users $3 per month per profile. The users will pay more if they grow and establish more profiles. The basic plan offers the publish and schedule feature, the basic analytics feature, SMhack queue, and social media calendar tool. The business plan covers all features of SM hack except the manage multiple client accounts feature and white label reports tool.

Business plan users are charged $6 per month per profile. The last package plan is the agency plan which costs $7 per profile per month and is used for more than 50 profiles. The agency plan covers all features of SMhack tool.

Users that want to purchase the SMhack platform are using SMhack group buy or SMhack shared accounts to lessen the cost of the services. The available plans are expensive, especially when dealing with many profiles.