Videoblocks Group Buy

Videoblocks is an online platform in which users are provided with a collection of more than 115,000 high-quality video archives. This platform also provides after effects templates, motion backgrounds and many more. Members of Videoblocks can only enjoy their services such as an unlimited download of stocks. This subscription service allows members to save the video archives through access of member library or at their marketplace. The member library collection of Videoblocks has more than 10 million US dollar value for their content. Videoblocks also provide their members with a collection of more than 5 million Marketplace royalty free videos.

VIdeoblocks also offers a 7-day free trial that enables the user to use and test the platform and then decide if they want to subscribe for membership. The user only needs to create a member’s profile and provide a valid credit card number. Giving a valid credit card number is required because if you want to continue the service, then Videoblocks will know where to charge you. If the user doesn’t want to keep purchasing, you need to cancel your account before the free trial ends. If the member did not withdraw his/her account before the end of the trial, Videoblocks would charge them the monthly subscription without any message.During the free trial, the user is eligible for free downloading but is limited to 140 videos in total or 20 videos per day.

Videoblocks Shared Account

Videoblocks can be purchased monthly and annually. If the member chose to have a monthly subscription, the platform would charge the member a total of 39 US dollars. The annual subscription, on the other hand, will cost the member 199 US dollars. However, the members can also get extra footage which enables them to download videos from the Member’s Library. This additional footage will cost them 49 US dollars for HD videos and 199 US dollars for 4K clips.

Videoblocks Annual, a Videoblocks group buy will cost the user 16 US dollars for purchasing. Some group buys package allow users to purchase the platform by only 4.95 US dollars. Videoblocks + OTOs group buy is the latest version and can be used in any operating systems. On a regular purchasing, Videoblocks will charge the user 149 US dollars per year. However, by using the group buy feature, the user can purchase the services by only 15 US dollars per 10 people with an additional fee of 1 US dollar.